Sunday, 15 September 2013

Reselling: In it for love or for the money?

Topics covered: Scalping, resale value and pricing trends, mark ups, accommodating loss and dead-stock, reselling as a full-time job

Reselling for profit has always been a somewhat controversial topic.  People want to get a good deal and can become upset if they find out that they're paying more for an item than the seller originally bought it for.  Regardless of the feelings involved, profit and loss are present in every market, and the lolita community is no exception.  If you are planning to resell for profit, expect dead stock (stock that cannot be sold, so you're stuck with it) and if you buy based on what you think might sell instead of items which you personally like, it can become a source of pure loss (you paid out to buy it, but can't sell off and it is worth nothing to you personally).  That said, if you're new at it, or don't plan to do much reselling, buy based on your own interests.  Ideally, these items would be ones you have a personal interest in and wouldn't mind keeping if you can't sell them.  This way, even in the worst case scenario, you would still get some personal enjoyment out of it.